A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

As a flow of a breath, I have imagined something like a floating gesture into a spiral movement, similar to a flow of butterflies on the wall; a kind of a translucent floating body in a spiral movement.

The artwork is created on the wall coming up the stairs and working in the crescent between the underground and the sixth floor.

This is a flowing gesture into 4 spiral movements, evolving forward to the stairways, all over vertically and including the whole height of the building.

The materials are fabrics and clothing, collected from the places where I am traveling and working all over the world.

Every little piece of fabric has an individual story.

The textiles are elaborated in a pictorial process with linseed oil, becoming an additional structure and color; also there are natural organic materials, activated by reflecting and absorbing light as becoming translucent.

The small fragments of textiles are shaped in triangular geometric forms, a kind of trigonometry of the space, an archive of mythologies, poetically speaking, as every little piece of clothing and textile brings in light personal histories; as a questionnaire to a dialogue in between.

The small fragments are pinned with a distance of several centimeters from the wall, adding by shadows a third movement to the artwork.

This work is specifically created for the Perianth hotel SA in Athens.

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