Site specific exhibition 

Departing from an idea that evolves depending on its context, Ioannou creates her work in relation to the exhibition site, observing the environment deeply and establishing ties between its materials and inhabitants.
Using raw material of local provenance such as architectonical and construction elements, as well as textiles, the artist recollects objects which - just as poetry- can exist without an utilitarian sense.

Ioannou observes and intervenes the exhibition space, questioning the way is usually used. Her compositions are apparently simple and reveal themselves little by little.
The light penetrating the site originates movement, depth and transparency in the materials, causing rhythmic alterations in this visual polyphony.

A characteristic practice in Athena Ioannou’s works is the manual repetition of certain resources in the search of aesthetic perfection through perseverance, exploring restlessly one subject, obtaining thus similar, but not identical pictorial results which demand certain sensibility from the spectator.
With her unique and very consistent style - which she has been capable of maintaining organically active through time - Ioannou’s oeuvre has evolved, moving towards satiety.

Galeria Hilario Galguera 

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