Love otherwise IV.| Hanging paintings

Title: Hanging paintings | Love otherwise IV.

Date: 2019 -ongoing 

Medium: Linseed oil on fabric and Persian textiles, thread, custom metal bars and screws 

Dimensions: 64 x 39.5 in

Description: I am working primarily with found materials, particularly textiles, which I transform by dipping them into linseed oil. These new arrangements that arise, from my personal reading of the space for which they are destined, become architectural interventions and spatial gestures vested in the histories of painting from the Early Renaissance through the modernist and minimalist movements of the 20th century, all the way to today. These [hanging paintings] as I call them, alongside my other colorful arrangements and drawings, carry both the locality of where they were made as well as my personal and continuous quest within the practice of painting. -Athina Ioannou 

Artwork Produktion ARCH 

Edition: Unique 

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