The question of the Flag

The Artwork [The question of the Flag] is an anniversary triangular nautical flag-guide (Guidone/ Guidon) Such a flag-guide is known to be used on the ship leading the fleet. For this specific piece, Athina Ioannou has created a patchwork combining several pieces of flags of the Greek Revolution of 1821, such as those of Spetses, Kastelorizo, Hydra and Psara. The flag is completed by a piece of the original blue and white Greek flag, as well as the flag of  Rigas Feraios, Filiki Eteria, Laskarina Bouboulina and Theodoros Kolokotronis.
A flag on a flagpole, placed in dialogue between revolutionary history and contemporary context beyond the uninterrupted questioning of the act of painting.

Medium : digital print on pvc textile 

Dimensions: Various 

Edition : on request 

Artwork production in the context of the exhibition Movements

With the view to the bicentenary anniversary of the Greek Revolution, and with Laskarina Bouboulina as a source of inspiration, eight female artists design their own personal flag. Bouboulina had created her own flag and it lies with the artists to choose how to portray a modern society and the symbols they will use to represent 2021. The artworks are experienced through a walk along the coast of Saint Nicholas beach.

Curator exhibition : Katerina Nikolaou

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