The song of nightingale | Edition

Le Chant du Rossignol -

A book published on the occasion of the exhibitions Le Chant du Rossignol at Field Institute Hombroich (FIH)
/ Raketenstation; Stiftung Insel Hombroich Neuss, April 2013 and Who is Afraid of the Walls? at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, Athens, June 2012.

German, Greek and English edition

Editing: Eleni Saroglou
Design: Studio Christos Lialios
Texts: Denys Zacharopoulos, Athina Ioannou
Text Editing: Alexios Papazacharias
Printing: Fotolio & Typicon
Binding: Androvic Bros

© for the texts: the authors
© for the book: Athina Ioannou and Cube Art Editions, 2013
All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-618-80384-6-2

Out on September by Cube Art Editions in an edition of 1000 copies
of which 100 are numbered and signed by the artist.

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