Who is afraid of the Walls? (II)

Public intervention in a section of the Archeological site invited by Denys Zacharopoulos. Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki.
Composition of (triangular) oil paintings (immersions). 
Each unit: 21 x 30 cm. Total dimension of the work: 570 x 220 cm. Linseed oil on coloured fabric, aluminum tubes


“I believe that the ‘given’ exhibition space could be very interesting when viewed critically. After that, it should be necessary to discover other possibilities as well, where something could change ever so slightly, where it may still even be almost impossible to exhibit. The truth is that what I desire is not answers, rather the opposite, namely, to generate questions through presentation. I like to work in a way that is direct, transparent, seemingly simple, almost letting things reveal themselves, that’s what interests me most. Furthermore, history concerns me deeply (in relation to its making a statement on current reality), that particular kind of human record, of this (via art) continuum: To make so as to be able to see, that is, to be able to take the risk of beginning something without knowing how it will turn out in its final form.

I perceive painting in the same way as I feel poetry, as something that we should not try to explain, to comprehend with the sense of educating. It is essential to live it, to feel it. And this is the relationship. Personally, I do not care to render an artwork that describes something with the pictorial concept of descriptiveness, that of being educational or illustrational.

It is the language that interests me; that a thing, an action, an intervention, a presence, a situation can become language and indeed why not, a new language. To be able to be read and written, to be, to exist. It is one thing for something to be born on site, as is born a tree; it is another for it to be transferred.” - Athina Ioannou

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