Who’s afraid of the walls? | the drawings

The drawings are sometimes integral part of the artwork process.
"I usually begin working by sketching, noting, so that I am able to contemplate the space and the work to be done. The truth is that I never do something defined, so it changes repeatedly. There are certain ideas that return and then there is time that rolls on by. At some point you have to make a decision and the final decision is always in relation to the (exhibition) space and materializes from within it.  [..] " Extract from: Athina Ioannou, "Who is afraid of the Walls?"

A selection of drawings in the context of the solo Exhibition : "Who is afraid of the Walls?"

Curator exhibition: Maria Marangou 

Collaboration: Jackie-Ruth Mayer

Organisation: The Benaki museum 

Medium: mixed media 

Dimensions: various dimensions 



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